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Student charter

The Student Charter governs your rights as a student and the way we treat each other at the UT.

It states exactly what you may expect of the UT and what we expect of you. It gives an overview of your rights and obligations and of the academic provisions. The charter consists of 2 parts:

  1. The institutional section: applies to all students, irrespective of the programme. This section shall be determined annually. See below (pdf).
    If you want to receive a paper version, please contact Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling, CPO registry.

  2. The programme section: is different per programme and can be found in the Education and Examination Regulations (OER). See the site of your educational programme.

Student charter - documents

Older documents

Student Charter as from September 2017

Addendum Student Charter 2017:

"Educational information is provided, amongst others, via Canvas and the student e-mail address. It is important that students consult these systems regularly to read notifications and e-mails, to ensure that the information, that is intended for them, reaches them in a timely manner." (Addendum May 18th 2020).

Student Charter 2016/2017 (917,15 kB)

Student Charter 2015/2016 (466 kB)