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Committee Scientific Integrity & Advisors

POINT OF CONTACT for the complainant

The first point of contact is the university's confidential adviser for scientific integrity (for the complainant), Prof.dr.ir. Olaf Fisscher. Possible violations of scientific integrity as well as any follow-up steps can be discussed with him in all confidence. Prof. Fisscher can be reached at o.a.m.fisscher@utwente.nl.

Committee Scientific Integrity

Actual reports about (possible) violations of scientific integrity are dealt with by the appropriate committee, comprised of:

There is one substitute committee member: Prof. dr. J.M. (Jules) Pieters.

Complaints should be addressed to the secretary of the committee, J. (Jessica) Greven, email: jessica.greven@utwente.nl.

Support for the accused

Staff members of the UT who have faced a complaint with regards to their integrity can, if they so desire, be assisted by the independent university's confidential adviser for the accused, Prof.dr Alfred Stein, email a.stein@utwente.nl. The confidential adviser for the accused knows the rules and procedures and can support the accused. The accused can share his or her doubts and concerns with this confidential adviser and this confidential advisor can also provide aftercare services.


Within the UT, during the years up until 2012, none of the reported complaints about possible violations of the scientific integrity were declared valid. However, three cases (in Dutch) were investigated. In 2013, 2 cases (in Dutch) were investigated, of which one was declared invalid and one was declared valid. In 2014 the committee received no complaints. In 2015 four complaints were filed, of which one was not admissible. The other three were admissible and have been examined. In 2016 en 2017 the three complaints (in Dutch) that were filed in 2015 have been examined. Two were declared invalid and one was declared valid. In 2018 the committee received one complaint. In 2019 the committee received three complaints.