The ambassador's network advises the executive board of the University of Twente on diversity policies. This includes gender policy, but also diversity in other aspects.

The name ambassador's network dates back to more than 10 years ago, when various national ambassador's networks were created, uniting industry professionals who wanted to increase the number of women in their companies that would grow into a top position.

The ambassador's network actively contributes to discussions about how to support diversity in hiring and career development. In particular, we discuss diversity targets for the different faculties and departments of the university, and we advise on how to create awareness of implicit biases that influence hiring and career decisions. We also advise on how to create an inclusive working environment, where all members of the UT community feel appreciated and comfortable.

Concrete activities of the ambassador's network are:

  • regular meetings with members of the university's executive board, to discuss diversity policies at UT level
  • regular meetings with deans and heads of the university services, to discuss the situation within the faculty or service
  • to advise on the applications for the UT Incentive Fund
  • to advise the human resource department on concrete measures to increase diversity in hiring and career development, as well as on inclusive and safe working conditions at the UT, and
  • regular exchange of information, and where appropriate collaboration with the female faculty network (FFNT) and the non-faculty female network (OBP-vrouwennetwerk)

The members of the ambassador's network represent the different faculties and services of the University of Twente. The current members are:

EEMCS: Prof.dr. Huisman (Marieke) M.van Keulen (Maurice)
BMS: Prof.dr. Millar (Carla) Prof.dr. van der Meulen (Barend) Dr. M. Renkema (Maarten)
ET: Venner (Kees) L. Volker (Leentje) 
S&T: Hilgenkamp (Hans) Lindhoud (Saskia)
ITC: Dr. R. Darvish (Roshanak) Prof.dr. Willemen (Wieteke)  
Support staff: Drs. M.J. Winkler (Mariëlle), P.M. van Dijk (Paul)
FFNT representative: Dr. M.P. Ruiz (Pilar)

Secretary and policy advisor diversity & inclusion: C van Goor