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UT Incentive Fund


The UT Incentive Fund is a fund, created and financed by the UT. Its aim is to help female staff develop and/or accelerate their careers, and achieve their professional ambitions. If you are a female staff member who has the ambition to move up, the UT is keen on supporting you.

Applications are assessed and decided upon by the UT Ambassadors’ Network.



The UT Incentive Fund is open to both female support and scientific staff aiming for a higher or more senior position (talentpool, subtop, top*) at UT. In case the applicant has a temporary contract, there should be a guarantee of at least one more year of employment at UT.

Please notice that PhD candidates are excluded, since the department in question is to provide for their personal development. 

Support staff:

  • Talentpool: scale 10-12
  • Subtop: scale 13, managerial and non-managerial
  • Top: scale 14 and higher 

Scientific staff:

  • Talentpool: Assistant Professor, Lecturer 2, Researcher 2
  • Subtop: Associate Professor, Lecturer 1, Researcher 1
  • Top: Professor, Department Chair, Director of education/research, Dean, Executive Board

 *Proposals submitted by staff from talentpool and subtop have priority over proposals submitted by the top. 

To give you an idea, a selection from the proposals that were accepted in the past:

  • Courses or coaching for personal or professional development
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for getting international experience and/or building an international network, e.g. conferences or research visits
  • Facilities to write a grant proposal or work on a publication
  • Replacement constructions (fte’s) for educational assistants or student assistants


Your proposal consists of a complete application which contains the following elements:

1. Motivation
A description of your motivation and ambition to gain promotion. You state which position you have at the moment and what gaps your CV shows that inhibit promotion.

2. Plan/project proposal
A clear plan or project proposal that explains what steps need to be taken and how the proposed activities will help you to develop and/or accelerate your career (what do you need to close the gap?). It should be likely that promotion (within or outside the UT) is possible within a reasonable time path; see also 5.

3. Activity overview and budget
An overview of activities and detailed budget. If applicable, please include any other specific budgets you have to support your career development, e.g. for attending conferences.

Planned activities

Costs applied for

Costs borne by others**

Expected results





















Total budget:

** Indicate here how other costs are being financed and whether this finance is guaranteed (please refer to the financial department of your faculty or service department in case of substantive questions related to your budget overview)

4. Curriculum Vitae
A full CV (max 5 p.).

5. Letter of recommendation
A letter of recommendation of your superior in which it is made clear that the potential of the candidate is recognized. It should also explain why the proposed activities cannot be financed by your department and indicate which activities the group/team do or will finance in order to stimulate your career.

If applicable, the letter should include a time-path for possible promotion, e.g. because at (sub-)top level a colleague will retire/be promoted within 2 years.

The following should be noted:

  • Applications involving extra money for current projects (like equipment or research material) will not be awarded. These activities do not contribute to the individual applicant’s development and should be provided by the department.
  • The budget must be spent to the direct benefit of the applicant.
  • The maximum amount allocated per person is € 7.500.
  • Applications can be rewarded partially.
  • This is the only call in 2017.
  • The total available budget for this call is €45.000.


Closing date for proposals: Monday, 25 September 2017.

The decision-making procedure on the applications takes about 6 weeks. 

Applications can be submitted to the attention of drs. M. de Boer, secretary UT Incentive Fund.

A copy of the application should be sent to the HR-manager of your faculty or service department