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UT Incentive Fund


  • Thanks to the generous UT Incentive Fund, I’m currently a visiting faculty at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. The fund enabled me to take a 3-month research leave with minimal teaching duties. This trip already has been very valuable for my career. I started working on a new research project with a professor and a PhD student at Georgia Tech., and I envision this project being the beginning of my new research line. During my time at Georgia Tech., I have given several talks and expanded my professional network. Overall, UT Incentive Fund provides an invaluable opportunity to advance one’s career. (Derya Demirtas)
  • I applied for UT incentive fund for a research visit to National Institute of Health, USA. This incentive fund supported my career by broadening my research network and by initiating collaborative research with one of the renowned research group in US. Research has shown that past productivity of researchers positively affects the funding, however it is even more important how researchers build their collaboration network. This grant provided me an excellent research network and the scientific visibility which will definitely benefit me in my future career development. (Ruchi Bansal)


The UT Incentive Fund is a fund, created and financed by the UT. Its aim is to help talented female staff to develop and/or accelerate their careers, and to achieve their professional ambitions. If you are an outstanding female staff member who has the ambition to move up, the UT is keen to support you.

Applications are assessed and decided upon by the UT Ambassadors’ Network.


The UT Incentive Fund is open to both female support staff and scientific staff aiming toward professional advancement in their careers at UT. For applicants with temporary contracts, there should be a guarantee of at least one more year of employment at UT.

 Support staff:

  • scale 10 - 13 (managerial and non-managerial)

Scientific staff:

  • Postdocs
  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Lecturer 1 or 2
  • Researcher 1 or 2

Please note that PhD candidates are excluded. Support for their personal development is part of their contract and should be provided by their department.  


The UT Incentive Fund can support any activity that could clearly help to strengthen the candidate’s CV, or to develop skills, which are necessary for taking the subsequent step in her career. Applications must specify how the proposal will contribute to the individual applicant’s development. For example, some of the proposals that were accepted in the past have featured:

  • Courses or coaching for personal or professional development
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for getting international experience and/or building an international network, e.g. conferences or research visits
  • Facilities to write a grant proposal or work on a publication
  • Exceptionally, replacement constructions (fte’s) for educational assistants or student assistants

It should be noted that the Incentive Fund does not provide grants for scientific studies. Requests for equipment or data collection will not be considered.

Proposals are not evaluated on the basis of scientific merit. Rather, they are evaluated for their likelihood to contribute to career advancement of the applicants. The proposal needs the support of the Dean or superior as specified below.

 The maximum amount that can be awarded per person is € 7.500.


Proposals should contain five parts:

1. Motivation + plan (max. 3 pages)
A description of the candidate’s motivation and ambition for career advancement. This includes explanation of the current professional position held and articulation of the gaps in the candidate’s CV that inhibit promotion. A description of the proposed activities should be included, along with convincing argumentation for how those activities will address the gap. It should be clear how they will enable promotion within a reasonable time.

2. Activity overview and budget (max. 1 page)
An overview of activities and detailed budget. The candidate can refer to the financial department of her faculty or service department in case of questions related to the budget.

3. Curriculum Vitae (max. 2 pages)
A CV that demonstrates the potential of the candidate.

4. Letter of recommendation
A letter of recommendation of the candidate’s superior which confirms her potential and indicates how the proposed activities will stimulate her career. The letter should indicate support for a possible time-path for promotion. The letter should also explain which other activities to stimulate the candidate’s career are supported by her group/team. 

5. Statement of HR-manager

A statement of the HR-manager of the candidate’s faculty or department that confirms that the proposed activities cannot be financed by her department.

The following should be noted:

  • The application will be assessed by the members of the UT Ambassadors’ Network. They are not necessarily experts in the candidate’s field, and from the plan they would like to understand in particular how the proposed activities will contribute to the candidate’s career prospects and why they cannot be financed within the group; they need to be reassured by the candidate’s superior’s support for her promotion.
  • Applications involving extra money for current projects (like equipment or research material) will not be awarded. These activities do not contribute to the individual applicant’s development and thus should be provided by the department.
  • The maximum amount that can be awarded per person is € 7.500.
  • Applications can be awarded partially.
  • The budget must be spent for the direct benefit of the applicant.
  • The total available budget for this call is €45.000.
  • The next call will be in September 2018.

Criteria for assessment

  • How do we rate the potential of the applicant?
  • How will the proposed activities contribute to her next career step?
  • How does the superior demonstrate support for the applicant?

Application procedure

  • Closing date for proposals: 20 April 2018
  • The decision-making procedure on the applications takes about 6 weeks. 
  • Applications can be submitted to the attention of dr. J.A. Oosterhuis-Geers, secretary UT Incentive Fund, and will be acknowledged.
  • A copy of the application should be sent to the HR-manager of your faculty or service department
  • Decisions on the application will be taken at the Ambassadors’ Network meeting of June 2018, and communicated to the candidates by July 1st 2018.