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Presentation evening, fourth round of the Pre-U honours programme

On the evening of Thursday 4 March, the fourth group of students will conclude the University of Twente’s Pre-U Honours Programme (HP). This year, due to COVID-19 measures, the presentation ceremony will be split up as follows. On 4 March, the students will make an online presentation about their HP research and the winner of the Wil Gradussen Award will be announced. The diplomas will then be presented in person at a celebratory meeting later in the year, in accordance with whichever restrictions are in place at that time. 

The Pre-U Honours Programme provides an extra challenge for talented pupils in their final two years of secondary education (VWO), over and above the regular educational programme. During HP, students complete three scientific modules and choose two masterclasses. This allows them to develop their own interests and also gives them good preparation for higher education. The last six months of the program focusses on the Honours research project, which all students will present online on 4 March using the University of Twente’s online environment. 

Aim of the programme

Through the Honours Programme, Pre-U is contributing to the development of students who will one day be among society’s best and brightest. In a world that is constantly changing in unpredictable ways, they will need to tackle challenges that we cannot yet foresee; they will need to find novel solutions, using methods that have not yet been developed. This year, the students in HP have also been challenged by the circumstances of the pandemic, as some parts of the programme were online.

Online conclusion of the programme

To conclude the programme digitally, all the students will give their presentations in break-out rooms. The Wil Gradussen Award winner will then be presented in a plenary session. The award is named after one of the founders of the Honours programme and a driving force behind the development team. Wil Gradussen has now retired.

Even though the presentations will take a different form to previous years, we are determined to ensure that the programme is concluded in a memorable way for all 31 HP students. Family members, friends, and other interested parties can follow the programme live on 4 March, via the University of Twente’s online environment. You can find the link to the online environment and more information about the programme here.

Further information

After the presentations have been given on 4 March, registrations will open for the next round of the programme. For more details, including how to participate, click here.

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