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Education at the University of Twente in 2020-21 Enrolment for Fall 2020 is open; many classes will take place on campus

It is an uncertain time for everyone who is looking into studying in the coming academic year: what can I expect in terms of availability of education, campus facilities and social life? We realise that prospective and current students may have concerns and would like to know what educational programmes will be on offer in September and whether they will be worth their time.

Coronavirus situation in the Netherlands

Like many European countries, the Netherlands has been considerably affected by the coronavirus. Although much is still in flux, the government is now gradually relaxing many restrictive measures. Naturally, the situation is evolving and is being closely monitored by our authorities.

University of Twente is following the advice from the government’s National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and is therefore subject to national guidelines. Although the effect of the virus on the Twente region has been relatively limited, it is expected that substantial restrictive measures will still be in place by the start of the new academic year.

Consequences for the University of Twente

As a university, we find it of great importance to keep pushing for the best possible set-up for our education in the coming academic year. It is not an easy task and requires us to be creative and flexible. We do focus on what is possible, rather than concentrating on any restrictions. We are not afraid to keep trying and discover new ways. It is an exciting and at the same time challenging search, one we surely would like to take up.

Our study programmes will (at least partially) look differently when they start this September. Rest assured, it will be up to standards. University of Twente has been voted Best University of Technology of the Netherlands, Most Entrepreneurial University and University with the Highest Societal Impact for several years in a row now. So, we have a reputation to keep up.

On campus, if we can; online, because we can

As of the end of August onwards, University of Twente will be opening up campus facilities again for education and research for the new academic year. We have always been deeply committed to offering high quality, small-scale teaching and personalised learning to all of our students. What this implies for the coming year, is that we will provide as much contact time as is possible within Covid-19 government guidelines. At this stage, it is not yet possible to give a more detailed indication. Rule of thumb is that practicals, examinations and classes in which personal contact and direct interaction are indispensable, will be offered on campus as often as possible.

When certain programme components are not possible to be taught physically, online versions will be offered. Some study programmes may offer both physical and online versions of their classes. To ensure that students who cannot participate on campus due to Covid-19 related circumstances in their country or region will be supported, we will put effort into offering online alternatives if required.

Technology, it is a people’s story

The slogan of University of Twente is High Tech, Human Touch. Our campus community offers people to share knowledge and experiences, and we believe our extensive, green campus estate will provide a pleasant and safe place for our staff and students to roam, now and in the future.

We look forward to welcoming you (again) on our campus in the new academic year. The student experience is an essential aspect of your study, from a social perspective but also in your personal development. Practically every student at our university is a member of at least one study or student association, cultural or sports club, but mostly more than one. Here, friendships for life start to bloom, and new talents and skills are being discovered. It is an indispensable part of your study that we are grateful to facilitate.

We understand that you may have concerns about the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and how this will impact your studies. Please be assured that we will continuously review the situation and will provide further updates as soon as we can confirm them. In the meantime, should you have any questions about your personal situation, reach out to our support team, via email: info@utwente.nl.