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Preliminary design on-campus ITC building

The preliminary design of the ‘Langezijds’ building, the home base of the ITC Faculty in the near future, was recently approved by the Executive Board of the University of Twente. The building will have a ‘social heart’ and much attention is paid to an attractive and ‘green’ working environment. In the period towards redevelopment of the building, part of the current ITC building, at the Hengelosestraat, will also be used for workspaces for other UT faculties.

‘Langezijds’, referring to the long shape of the building, in the early years of the UT campus built as the chemical engineering building, will be redeveloped according to the specific requirements and wishes of the ITC Faculty for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation. ITC already agreed with the preliminary design, several staff members and students participated in workshops on this. ITC has a very international orientation and character: students from all over the world, especially from developing countries, come to ITC for a short course, a Master’s programme or a PhD. Back in their home country, they can apply the acquired knowledge for strengthening their country’s economy in a sustainable way.

Meeting and inspiring each other is important for ITC; the design of the new building has to stimulate this. In the current Hengelosetraat building, the restaurant and the garden play an important connecting role, for example. It is for this reason that the Langezijds building will get a ‘social heart’ and two ‘green lungs’: from the majority of offices, you will have a view on the green surroundings. ITC has a strong international reputation, so its home building should meet high standards, should be future proof and sustainably built. In the ‘energy mix’, the building will be connected to UT’s ‘Koudecirkel’ system and tot he city heating network.

After informing Univversity Council on the plan’s, the preliminary design will be worked out towards a final design. Then, preparation of the building phase will start. The current expectation is that ITC can start moving tot he campus in the Summer of 2022. The corona crisis restrictions don’t seem to delay these plans.

 Temporary work spaces in current ITC building

Several UT faculties expect a substantial growth in the coming years, caused by the government ‘sector plans’. They already reach the limits of their office and lab spaces. Before a solution for this will be found on campus, the current ITC building at the Hengelosestraat, will have room for 55 workspaces. This is half a floor of the building. Together with the faculties involved, plans will be made on who will make use of these spaces and on the specific requirements needed. In the current corona situation, the vast majority of staff and students works at home, so this could give the impression that there is no shortage. The long term effects of the corona crisis are monitored carefully. Still, this does not stop preparations for possible temporary working spaces, and for solutions that are more long-lasting.

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