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VENI training 21 June Get in contact with your department chair in time on your VENI plans

Interested in submitting a proposal for the VENI grant (Incentives Scheme from NWO)?

You can now subscribe to the VENI Training, which will be held on Friday 21 June 2019 (full day), at the U-Park Hotel, Room C2. More information and subscription on:

During this day you will be introduced to the VENI procedures and criteria, think and discuss about your proposal and receive information on writing and presenting your proposal and CV.

VENI in short
Individual grant to conduct independent research for 3 years.
- For talented researchers with an innovative research idea and a competitive CV.
- Who have recently finished their PhD (max. 3 years on 1 January 2020, extensions may apply). For this training 4th year PhD students are also welcome.
- Deadline pre-proposal 3 September 2019.
- Requires an ‘embedding guarantee’

BMS VENI procedures

For internal procedure BMS* check BMS Research Support 'Grant Support --> Embedding guarantee VENI & VIDI'

UT Research Grants Office
The UT offers training in order to increase your chances in acquiring this VENI grant. As the Research Grants Office we can offer you support and advice throughout your submission process, which includes: a CV check, a bibliometrics session, teaming-up sessions to discuss the draft proposals and a review committee in which the final drafts will be reviewed by laureates and ex-committee members of the VENI. If you reach the final interview round, you can receive a presentation training and an internal mock interview.

We hope to see you at the VENI Training.

With kind regards, Sanne de Wit & Arend Zomer (UT Grants Office)

*BMS procedure: Plan for a Veni pre-proposal, make sure you get in contact with your department chair in time. As the chair has to submit a request before August 1st (stating explicit consent with the proposal, stating allowance of time to write, CV and summary) to the BMS faculty board to get an embedding guarantee.