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Shaping2030 strategy process well under way, new session with Jan Rotmans announced

In the past few months, the first phase of the UT's strategy process, Shaping2030, has taken shape. In a series of inspiration sessions various themes passed by that influence the playing field of the university in the coming decade. External experts brought a critical view from outside to the UT, in order to enrich the dialogue with the community.

Various new initiatives

Since the announcement of the Shaping2030 process during the New Year's meeting, several new initiatives have been undertaken. The University Innovation Fellows, for example, organize the Moonshot Meetups to reflect on the university of the future with students.

We may also announce a new inspiration session. On Monday, April 1, socially engaged scientist Jan Rotmans will talk with the UT community about sustainable development. Registration for this meeting is required.

Participate and have a say

The first phase of Shaping2030 focuses on gaining inspiration and generating ideas and visions. The participation of everyone is expressly requested for this. If you can not attend the sessions, you can still have your opinion heard via the website. The video registrations of the inspiration sessions are all available and there is also a form with which you can easily submit your ideas and opinions.

On our Facebook page you will find an impression of the various sessions that have been held so far. More about the Shaping2030 process can be found on the special website.