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Inspirational sessions

The inspirational sessions form the kick off for Shaping2030. In the first months, it is all about setting the scene. In a number of sessions, we have been bringing together all aspects of the playing field of the university.

In creating a new strategy for the university, there is room for divergent opinions, bold visions of the future and strong opinions on what is needed to have real an lasting impact. For that, we need views both from the internal community and from the outside world: to inspire us, to be critical and to make sure we don’t overlook relevant trends and developments.

We have been organizing a series of inspirational sessions on a variety of themes and ideas of which it is not yet certain if and how they will materialize. We have invited thought leaders to take us on a journey to find out what these developments will mean and how they can be approached. UT-members with expertise in the same area have helped preparing speakers so that the session itself and the discussion afterwards will lead to outcomes that can be used for the shaping of our new vision and strategy for 2030. People from the Shaping 2030 project team will be present at each session in order to collect thought-provoking ideas and useful output.

looking back on the sessions

The registration of the sessiosn wll provide an insight in the type of input that is used as a basis for creating the new UT mission, vision and later on the UT strategy. The Executive Board will discuss a draft version of all three concepts for advice with the University Council on 19 June, 2019.

Watch the video to get an overall impression of all the sessions.

Also an inventory is made of the comments the attendees made in the survey they received after the inspirational sessions. We greatly appreciated this input and where possible, it will be integrated in the strategy.

The table below shows the turnout during the inspirational sessions.

For more in depth information on the individual sessions, check the links below. There, you will find the full video registrations, an extended summary of the outcomes and a photo impression.