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University Council's unanimous approval of new strategy SHAPING2030 University of Twente

The University Council of the University of Twente has approved the new mission, vision and strategy of the University of Twente, as expressed in SHAPING2030. The council complimented the Executive Board on how this strategy was established, with great involvement from the UT community. SHAPING2030 was labeled as a ‘great strategy’.

The University Council also expressed some concerns, among others the increasing student numbers in relation to the quality assurance of education and facilities on campus. Challenged-based education also raised questions with the University Council and they would like to receive a further specification of the exact definition and ambitions on this topic.
On the whole, the University Council considers SHAPING2030 a good strategy with good principles, but emphasizes that faculties and service departments require more concrete details and direction  in order to get started with implementing this strategy.

During the meeting, the Board stated that a strategy is primarily intended to provide direction and to demonstrate the ambitions of the organization which are required to move forward. A further elaboration of SHAPING2030’s elements will be reflected in policy papers in which, together with faculties, service departments and the participation bodies, priorities and planning will be determined.

The Executive Board wishes to stimulate a ‘way of working’ by students and staff that contributes to an open, inclusive and entrepreneurial mindset. This requires a different way of thinking and acting from the Boardmembers as well as from the members of the various participation bodies within the UT. For this reason, the Executive Board did not want to comply with the wishes of the University Council to develop detailed policy plans on a number of points.

The Board considers it important to clarify joint expectations with respect to the growth of staff & student numbers and the required instruments to influence the influx. These joint expectations will be included in the Spring Memorandum of 2021.

In addition, the Board assured to submit policy proposals for consent regarding challenged-based education and life-long development. Furthermore, already a number of topics the University Council would like to comment on are planned to be discussed for consent, such as the long-term strategic housing plan (LTSH) with special focus on required facilities (February 2020), the research strategy (March 2020) ) and the personnel policy (May 2021).

Finally, the University Council emphasized the importance of the position of the UT in the region and the connections with other educational institutions, like Saxion and ROC. The Executive Board endorsed this position, which is also part of SHAPING2030, and mentioned several initiatives in this area, to be made more visible for the Council. The UT cherishes its relationships with all stakeholders in this region and will continue to do so in the future.

Victor van der Chijs is delighted about the approval of the University Council: “This is a very important moment for the UT. With SHAPING2030 we can work on further strengthening this organization and its position in the region, in the country and internationally. SHAPING2030 offers great, new opportunities for innovations and cooperation with private and public parties and with individual citizens. We invite everyone to contribute to a fair, sustainable and digital society.”

The Executive Board greatly appreciates the commitment and involvement of the University Council, of many students and staff members and of stakeholders outside the UT in designing SHAPING2030. The next step is to develop an implementation plan, that also clarifies how faculties and service departments will work on the new strategy, including tasks, responsibilities and mandates.

More information: can be found at www.utwente.nl/shaping2030

drs. B.G. Lankhaar (Bertyl)
Spokesperson EB (Currently acting director Kennispark Twente)