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Doctors lead the way - to a new style of leadership

A multi-national faculty of experts and scholars in healthcare management will host a symposium to respond to the complex challenges emerging in healthcare systems globally. 

Re-shaping medical practitioners’ professional roles and identities through medical leadership will be presented today (Monday 13 August) at the 78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Chicago, USA – acknowledged as one of the most prestigious and scholarly events of the year – whose theme this year is ‘Improving Lives’. 

transformation in healthcare

This symposium brings together leading academics and practitioners in medical leadership from the UK, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA to explore the process of re-professionalization in order to lead effective transformation in healthcare. 

New technological innovations, changes in demographics, and economic constraints are pushing professions to reinvent their roles and practises, also resulting in medical specialists stepping forward to lead this sustainable transformation. Evidence shows that countries in Europe and North America are searching urgently for effective strategies to transform their healthcare systems and practises to deal with the new, unpredictable healthcare landscape, including increasing calls for more interprofessional collaboration. 

Prof Graeme Martin, from University of Dundee, states: “This is a complex problem facing all healthcare systems, but medical doctors are now adapting their traditional, clinical focus and leading the way by redefining their roles and responsibilities. The increasingly complex, multidisciplinary nature of healthcare services and the concomitant quality and safety issues are pushing physicians to become more engaged in organizational and management issues.” 

high tech and human touch

Reflecting the importance of a well-balanced ‘high tech and human touch’, Wouter Keijser MD, from University of Twente, says: “Doctors’ leadership skills are increasingly needed in the implementation of innovations and the redesign of processes to harness the promise of new technologies, such as e-health and artificial intelligence, and we look forward to building on research and presenting our findings at probably the most scholarly, international meeting focusing on improving lives.”

 The symposium takes place 11.30 – 13.00 on Monday 13 August at the Hyatt Regency, Chicago, USA.

 Symposium Faculty

Chair: Graeme MartinUniversity of Dundee


Trish ReayUniversity of Alberta

James StollerEducation Institute, Cleveland Clinic

Peter LeesFaculty of Medical Leadership and Management

Wouter KeijserUniversity of TwenteDIRMI Institute. 

Academy of Management 2018 Conference theme ‘Improving Lives’: Symposium: