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Farewell to prof. Jaco van de Pol and prof. Boudewijn Haverkort

Jaco van de Pol has accepted a new job as professor at Aarhus University, Denmark, starting in October 2018.  

Apart from an important role in research and organisation, he has always been very committed to education. Within the Bachelor program, Jaco worked on the module Discrete Structures and Efficient Algorithms and coordinated one of the Research Project tracks. For the Master program, Jaco taught courses on Software Security, Software Science, and Modelling and Analysis of Concurrent Systems 2.  

Jaco is the founding father of the Master specialisation MTV (Models and Tools for Verification) in Computer Science, as well as the track DESC (Dependable and Secure Computing) in the Twente Graduate School programme. For diverse reasons, both have been absorbed into other programmes by now, but this does not decrease Jaco's contribution. All in all, Jaco is known as an enthusiastic, dedicated, broadly oriented and innovative teacher. We are very grateful to Jaco for his contributions to the Computer Science program.

Boudewijn Haverkort will start from January 2019 as dean of the School of Humanities and Digital Sciences at Tilburg University. Boudewijn has also been very active in our education, in addition to his role in research and in the organization of the faculty. Within the Bachelor program, he coordinated the Cyberphysical Systems module and played a major role in other modules in the CREATE and ET programs; while in the Master program he taught courses on Performance Analysis, Social Networks and Dependable Networking. Boudewijn is known as an exact and exacting professor who brings out the best in his students. We will miss his contributions to our study program.

Jaco and Boudewijn, we wish you both all the best in your career!

On behalf of the Computer Science program,

Arend Rensink, program director.