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Hogekamp square redevelopment

As part of the Hogekamp programme of renovation, the square in front of the building will also undergo a major makeover and redevelopment in the next year. After a recent tendering procedure, the Facility Service Centre awarded the contract for redeveloping the square to landscape architect LOLA.

The Hogekamp square will be opened up to create an attractive outdoor area for the surrounding buildings (Vrijhof, Hogekamp, High Tech Factory and U Parkhotel). Once redeveloped, the aim is for the square to be an inviting place for people to relax, study and meet each other, with plenty of space for group activities. It will be the key element that connects the O&O (Education & Research) Square and the campus boulevard.

Landscape architect LOLA envisages a flexible, modular concept as the basic vision for the square. Different zones will give the square a varied look and feel, including a green zone around the pond for relaxation and rest, a terrace zone in front of the Hogekamp and a water garden around the U Parkhotel. LOLA also intends to apply technological innovations, for example to generate energy for running water and to improve water quality in the pond.

The parking spaces in the area around the Hogekamp Square will be a key element in attracting research and production companies to set up business on campus. Good transport access will be essential for the operations of the High Tech Factory and for the companies running the student studios (Camelot) and the conference hotel (U Parkhotel). The final design includes a total of at least 225 parking spaces, in the vicinity of the square rather than on the square itself where the car park used to be. Locating the parking spaces elsewhere, rather than on the square itself again, will enable people to enjoy their environment while also enhancing the appearance of the buildings around the square. The final design also specifically focuses on safety and security and the accessibility of the buildings around the square.

On the existing square, work is currently underway on the underground infrastructure for the Hogekamp renovation. The tendering process for a contractor will begin in December. A definitive design is scheduled for completion in March 2018 in order to enable the contractor to begin redeveloping the square. The aim is for the square to be completed to coincide with the opening of the student studios and the U Parkhotel (September 2018).

More information can be found on the Long-Term Strategic Housing Plan website:
Contact: Bertyl Lankhaar, Executive Board spokesperson, M: +31 (0)6-20027435

Image impression of squares elsewhere designed by LOLA