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Strategic International Experience Grants with Waterloo awarded to four UT employees

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the Strategic International Experience Grants (SIEG) for the academic year 2024-2025. The SIEGs are designed to provide an opportunity for both UT and University of Waterloo support staff members to travel between the two institutions. This allows them to share best practices and provide international experiences to staff collaborating with units of interest within the partner institution. The award aims to foster interaction and leverage synergies between the research, education, and community environments at both institutions.

This year, we had an outstanding pool of applicants, making the selection process quite competitive.  Each application reflected a high level of commitment and passion, showcasing the incredible talent and potential within our community. We thank all who applied and appreciate the hard work put into their applications.

With great enthusiasm, we introduce this year's distinguished awardees:

  • Rianne Kaptijn, Manager Teaching Academy BMS, BMS Educational Service Centre
  • Wander Kenter, Manager Business Partnerships & Business Development, TechMed Centre
  • Wendie Klieverik, Internship Coordinator, Mobility Office/Faculty EEMCS
  • Linlin Pei, Educational Consultant, Centre of Expertise in Learning & Teaching (CELT), Faculty S&T 

Congratulations to the recipients! Their proposed projects and initiatives were selected based on their potential to bring significant contributions to our institution. We are confident that their work will not only serve to advance the University's strategic objectives, but it will also equip them with invaluable skills and insights that can be directly applied to their roles at UT.

If you would like more information about UT’s Global Academic Partner, the University of Waterloo, please contact Margriet Dekkers.