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Temporary jobs for Ukrainians in need

The faculties and service departments of the University of Twente have joined forces to offer (temporary) jobs to people who have been trapped by the war in Ukraine. The laws and regulations offer the possibility to offer them a temporary contract up to a maximum of 18 months (the maximum duration depends on the situation). We expect to be able to facilitate a maximum of twenty temporary employees, spread across the university. The candidates will not only be offered a job, but we will also provide assistance in, for example, finding accommodation.

These temporary jobs are primarily intended for people who, as a result of the war in Ukraine, have no job or no income. For example, their company or institution may have been temporarily closed, they may have had to flee elsewhere or they may have been working in a place for which funding suddenly stopped.

In consultation with the various faculties, service departments and HR, we look at how and where we can offer them a job at UT. Sometimes this may involve filling an existing post, but it may also involve creating a new temporary position somewhere. The call is open to both academic staff and support staff.

Pilot project

This scheme has a pilot status and is therefore periodically evaluated. The situation in Ukraine has made us realise that we, as UT, can play a role here. We have said that for now, we are focusing on Ukraine. We will use the experience we gain here to see if we can use this system on a permanent basis, also for other situations worldwide.

Call for candidates for these temporary positions

Do you know someone in your professional network for whom we could possibly do something? Let your manager/team leader know, who will consult with your faculty's portfolio holder operational management or your department's service director to see what we can do for him/her. They will also contact each other in case someone would fit in better within another department at UT.

Various initiatives for Ukraine

This pilot project is one of the initiatives that we at the University of Twente are undertaking to support people affected by the war in Ukraine. You can find out more about our efforts at www.utwente.nl/oekraine. We are currently investigating whether we can do more in the field of education, for example by offering study places.