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Elsevier Beste Studies: three times gold, best technical university

The University of Twente comes out well in the latest edition of Elsevier Beste Studies. For the survey, the magazine's editors looked at the ratings of all over 2,000 bachelor's and master's programmes offered at Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences. To come to a verdict, the editors chose eleven items on which students rated their programmes in the most recent National Student Survey. Compared to other surveys where programmes are rated, Elsevier Beste Studies focuses on student satisfaction across a broad spectrum of aspects.

Gold, silver and bronze

Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to highlight well-performing programmes. Elsevier lists the University of Twente as the best technical university, with the highest proportion of gold medals: three out of 51 study programmes score the highest rating. Of all universities, Wageningen University & Research scores best: ten of 49 assessed programmes receive gold.

Gold at UT goes to the Masters in Industrial Engineering & Management and Public Administration and the Bachelor in Applied Physics. A further two programmes scored silver, and seven received bronze.

Bronze, silver and gold medals were awarded to 340 programmes at universities and universities of applied sciences this year. To qualify for a medal, the study programme must score significantly better than other study programmes within the relevant sector on at least four of the 11 components examined. Programmes that excel on most components are awarded a gold medal. This year, there are 112 of them.


  • Industrial Engineering & Management (MSc)
  • Public Administration (MSc)
  • Applied Physics (BSc)


  • Applied Mathematics (MSc)
  • Applied Physics (MSc)


  • Communication Science (BSc)
  • Science, Education & Communication (MSc)
  • Interaction Technology (MSc)
  • Chemical Science & Engineering (BSc)
  • Spatial Engineering (MSc)
  • Technical Medicine (MSc)
  • Industrial Engineering & Management (BSc)