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Important Travel Information


In most cases, baggage is not included in the tickets to European and North American flights. With KLM and partners baggage is free of charge if you have a higher flying blue card (silver, gold or platinum). In all other cases baggage has to be paid.


For a lot of airlines seats have to be paid if booked in advance. With check-in you can book the seats for free.

Visa and passport information

For visa and passport information, please use the following link: You can use this link for all nationalities and destinations. Also check the validity of your passport. Some countries require validity of at least 6 months.

Applying for Visa

For visa applications we use CIBT Visas. You can view or mail yourself the necessary application pack with all the information you need to apply for visa. Do NOT use the red button with START ORDER! (You will be asked for payment details!) After collecting the necessary documentation, please ask us the complete the CIBT order form. We will sent it to you digitally, so you can sent the whole package including your passport to CIBT.

Please note that the rules and necessary documents can change daily, so always check for the latest information. Please take sufficient time for your visa application (standard advice is 1 month in advance)! 


More and more countries have the possibility for E-visa or other Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) (like Australia, USA and Canada). Please check carefully if you can use the e-visa or that you need an other form of visa. This depends also on your nationality.

Please find below the links to the official pages to apply for E(S)TA or E-visa.



If you know of more countries that allow e-visa, please inform us. We will add them to this page.