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Doctoral candidates

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A Charter for doctoral candidates has been in effect from 1 January 2014. All new doctoral candidates as from 1 January 2014 must be registered on commencement at Twente Graduate School (TGS) and will use the doctoral monitoring system (ProDoc) throughout their entire doctoral programme.
The Charter for doctoral candidates applies to all doctoral candidates. However for doctoral candidates who started before 1 January 2014, existing agreements and obligations (such as the training and supervision plan, the annual interview and appraisal) will remain in effect.

Forms for doctoral candidates

All PhD candidates that started after 1 January 2014 will receive a ProDoc account (single login with m-number and UT password) and will be invited by TGS for an explanatory interview. These PhD candidates will fill the forms (e.g. Training and Supervision Plan, evaluation/assessment or progress interview) electronically according to the ProDoc workflows.

Employed doctoral candidates that started their PhD trajectory before 1 -1- 2014 and who are not registered in Prodoc, can still make use of the forms below for employed doctoral candidates (started before 1-1-2014.)

Training programmes

In order to meet the need for professional development, the Centre for Training and Development (CTD) offers a wide variety of training programmes for both doctoral candidates and postgraduates. In addition, it is possible to learn more about teaching and even to achieve your teaching qualification whilst conducting your doctoral research.


How do you work with a class? How do pupils learn? How do you best convey subject matter? If you have always been curious to hear the answer to the questions above, then 'Doctoral candidates and teaching' might be it for you! For more information visit the Twente Graduate School website. (this section is only available in Dutch).