Most PhD researchers in the Netherlands are paid employees, often working directly for the university. In the Netherlands, PhD candidates are generally recruited and appointed as staff.  Some PhD researchers come to the Netherlands with an international scholarship. There are no annual admission deadlines.

Some PhD researchers come to the Netherlands with an international scholarship. 
Others hold regular PhD positions which are offered on the UT vacancies webpage, 


Although PDEng and PhD are both recognized as postgraduate titles, the PDEng is a more practical oriented doctorate in engineering than the PhD and is better suited to the needs of industry. The three most pronounced differences between a PhD and PDEng programme are:

  • A PhD programme has a duration of 4 years whereas a PDEng programme takes 2 years to complete
  • A PhD candidate focuses on research at the University, whereas a PDEng trainee focuses on technological designs in industry
  • A PhD can be done in any research area represented by a full professor at the University and leads to the title “Doctor” (Dr., equivalent to PhD). A PDEng leads to a “Professional Doctorate in Engineering” (PDEng). 

You can find all available PDEng positions at the UT vacancies webpage. If there are no open vacancies for the programmes you are interested in, it is possible to submit an open application.