Admission process overview

Below you will find information about Admission, (RE-)enrolment, and the Sign-up Process.


Please start your application so that the university can proceed with your admission process

During your application process you will need to create an account for Studielink system (national platform for higher education in the Netherlands). 

  • Studielink and DigID login

    UT is connected to Studielink. Studielink is a nationwide online application for submitting requests for enrolment and for dealing with all your administrative matters for an Institute of Higher Education in the Netherlands. Studielink allows you to arrange enrolment, re-enrolment or de-enrolment online. All students have to use Studielink for all their administrative matters. 
    Also, international master's students who have used the online application instead of the Studielink application.

    Register via Studielink

    It is very important that you register via Studielink. When you register in Studielink you will receive messages at the email address you provided. Make sure your Studielink email address is not your UT student email. Check this and your UT student email regularly and modify your spam filter if necessary so that the emails from UT and Studielink will not go missing.


    Changes made by you in Studielink will immediately be visible in the Student Information System (OSIRIS). This is the system you will use as a student at UT for checking your grades and educational programme. And vice versa: All changes made by UT will be announced to you through your student email and will be visible in Studielink.


    • If you are registered in a Dutch City
      1. Get a BSN (Burger Service Nummer (Citizen Service Number)). If you register in a Dutch city you will receive a BSN within 5 working days.
      2. Log in with your DigiD (Digital Identity). If you don’t have your own DigiD code, apply for one. You need your BSN to get a DigiD. Make sure that you have your BSN ready when you apply for it.
      3. If you live in the Netherlands you can only log in at Studielink with your DigiD using the button “Login with DigiD” (see below).
    • If you are not registered in a Dutch city
      1. Students without a registered address in the Netherlands cannot apply for a DigiD code.
      2. Students without a registered address in the Netherlands can register at Studielink using the button “I Login via Studielink” (see below).


    Go to Studielink and you will get a choice of how to log in:

    I live in the Netherlands

    I do not live in the Netherlands

    You will receive a username and password for Studielink at the email address you have provided in Studielink. It is very important that you check this address and your student email frequently for as long as you study at UT. When your registration is processed you will be asked if you want to link Studielink to your DigiD. If you choose not to link Studielink to your DigiD, the verification of your GBA (Municipal Register) will not be possible.


    If you have any questions concerning Studielink, click here.

Before you apply please check the general admission requirements on the website for the programme of your choice.


The deadlines are available on the specific websites for these levels.

Admission in case of cancelled/delayed national exams for secondary schools due to Covid-19
Check the guidelines


After application, the University of Twente will review and process your application and inform you about the status by email.


If you are eligible you can start the enrolment procedure. All information will be sent by e-mail. Please make sure you read it carefully and follow the steps. Specific information about enrolment:


(for current UT students)