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Doctoral research for the corporate sector

The temporary deployment of academic talent will create enormous value for a business or a non-profit organization. The PhD candidates and EngD trainees of the University of Twente bring their scientific expertise to the work floor.  

Curious to find out what our PhDs and EngDs can do for your organisation?


To take advantage of opportunities for collaborating with the industry, a university must build up - from an international perspective - a distinctive position based on scientific quality. Research investments with a specific industrial interest are therefore in line with the university's scientific strategy. A doctoral degree place is a PhD, who does research on this interface between applied research and scientific research. Such a PhD is employed by UT. More information: Strategic Business Development, sbd@utwente.nl, phone +31 54 489 2024.


Is your company facing a technological problem that needs solving or a challenging design issue that needs unravelling? Then a technological designer from the University of Twente is the answer. 

In consultation with you as an industrial partner and the University of Twente, an EngD trainee is responsible for a solution for your technological design issue. EngD trainees (Engineering Doctorate) attend a two-year post-master's design programme that consists of a cursory programme (50%) and an in-company design project (50%). There are five different EngD programmes: Business & IT, Civil Engineering, Energy & Process Technology, Maintenance and Robotics.

The basic principle of the EngD programme is that the trainee, the set of courses and the expert coaching will come together with only one thought: ‘the best possible solution for the design problem’.

For more information, see our EngD Business page or contact Mariska de Roo:

M. de Roo (Mariska)
Business Relations Manager EngD & Life Long Learning
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