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A PhD in your company

The temporary deployment of academic talent will create enormous value for a business or a non-profit organisation. The PhD candidates of the University of Twente bring their scientific expertise to the work floor.

PhD employment types

Employed by UT

To take advantage of opportunities for collaborating with the industry, a university must build up - from an international perspective - a distinctive position based on scientific quality. Research investments with a specific industrial interest are therefore in line with the university's scientific strategy. A doctoral degree place is a PhD, who does research on this interface between applied research and scientific research. Such a PhD is employed by UT. More information: Strategic Business Development, sbd@utwente.nl, phone +31 54 489 2024.

Employed by a company

A PhD candidate from your company may also keep his employment there during his PhD period at UT. By offering your employee a PhD project, you help them grow and specialise in their work field. This is also a long-term investment and profit for you as an employer. 

Policy about fees and waivers for non-UT-employed doctoral candidates: All faculties apply a fee of €15,000 per year. Every faculty defines its own policy with regard to waivers on its website.

This fee compensates for the following components:

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