UTTh!nk with Pride

Th!nk with Pride

as a platform at the UT for queer (lgbtqiA+) people, community, and our allies, We promote queer visibility, equity and inclusion in the university, from social life, to education and research to UT’s policies and organisational structure.

Th!nk with Pride is a platform that brings people together, collects and shares resources, and tries to translate the experiences of our community into policy advice at UT. We do this along four themes: policy and organisation, social and support, arts and culture, and research and education. We started in 2019 and are currently (2024) a group of six organising members. Want to learn more about us and our mission?

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You can find more information about our events and initiatives through the navigation menu on the left. A list of resources can be found in that same menu.