Female Faculty Network Twente

The FFNT (Female Faculty Network Twente) is the professional network of female academic staff members at the University of Twente. Our vision is to establish and maintain the current culture and the practices of diversity in our university. Our mission is to promote female academic leadership and help shape policies that increase gender diversity at our university. 

Dialogue 4: 'Reflections on, and Experiences of, Data Decolonization'

The series called “Dialogical spaces for a diverse university” aims to make the UTcommunity reflect critically on structural issues affecting diversity and inclusion in our research, education and practices. During eight online sessions, we will discuss topics such as inclusive education and critical pedagogies, de-colonizing the curriculum, shaping universities for gender diversity, and discussions around race and technology in research. Cross-cutting these themes, we will continuously ask: What are we doing in our day-to-day academic practices, which is not, directly or indirectly, promoting diversity and inclusion behaviors, actions, and dynamics? And, what can we do, at both individual and institutional levels, to address this? More information.

‘I’m too ambitious to be a woman’

Findings published in the Women Professors Monitor 2020 showed that the UT has only 17% of female associate professors – a percentage even lower than the number of full female professors, which is now at 21%. Are there specific hurdles than women encounter when climbing up the academic ladder? Based on multitude of interviews with female scientists at the UT, one answer comes to mind: (lack of) support. More information.

‘You might succeed as an academic and still fail as a parent’

Covid-19 entails unprecedented challenges across demographics - but what about female academics? At yesterday’s International Day Of Women and Girls In Science, the Female Faculty Network Twente organized a roundtable discussion to inspect the pandemic’s impact on gender inequalities at the UT.
More information.