The UT stimulates the advancement of women to the top of our organization, as we are convinced that a diversely composed organization is beneficial for the organizational climate and that it achieves better business results. As a university, we feel responsible for contributing to the presence and visibility of women in science and at other key positions within the UT. We are actively implementing a policy designed to realize these objectives. This includes promoting gender awareness throughout the organization, especially in the field of leadership and recruitment and selection.

In 2006, the UT began explicit measures to stimulate the influx and career development of women in the organization. In 2009, the note "Influx and career development of women at the UT 2009" was published.
In the same year, the UT signed the "Talent to the Top" Charter, a code of agreements designed to help realize greater male/female diversity at both top and middle management. Signatories commit themselves to clearly measurable objectives and have their results monitored on a yearly basis.

The objectives can be translated into ambitious target figures to be realized in 2014, determining the number of women in the top of the UT. Progress is monitored and discussed periodically at various levels within the organization. The figures are measured at least once a year and published publicly.

These pages show all that the UT has going for them in supporting more women to reach the top.