Exiting the application:

Always exit the annual performance appraisal by clicking on the button “EXIT FORM” at the bottom of the screen, so that the appraisal can immediately be made available to others. The annual performance appraisal will be automatically exited after 4 hours of inactivity.

Editing agreements
Both the supervisor and the staff member can record agreements in the application. The form is blocked when both the supervisor and the staff member are simultaneously working on the form. This block will only be lifted when the person editing the agreements has exited the application correctly, see ‘Exiting the application’.

Approving agreements
Once the staff member has recorded the agreements, they can be approved by the supervisor. If anything is later altered by the supervisor or staff member, the checkmark disappears and the agreements must be approved anew by the staff member and the supervisor. As soon as both the supervisor and the staff member have approved the agreements in the planning phase, the application automatically proceeds to Progress.

Entering agreements: supervisor and staff member
The form makes no distinction between text that has been entered by the supervisor and text that has been entered by the staff member.
If you want to make a clear distinction between the two, discuss with your supervisor how to do so.
For example, the supervisor could use a colour to highlight text entered by him/her.

During the annual performance appraisal: planning phase
To ensure that the annual performance appraisal runs as smoothly as possible, you could print out the form and take it to the appraisal to discuss.

Evaluation of current agreements and planning of next year cycle
During the meeting, the agreements are evaluated and planning agreements for the coming period are discussed.
Create a new form to record the agreements for the coming period.