Annual performance appraisal

Performance Agreements Support Staff

Performance agreements

Setting individual targets based on the objective and core values of your position or job description.

  • Projects or associated work that are part of an employee’s job description.
  • New tasks that a team must take on, special projects, cooperation with other teams in which the employee can play a role.

Career development

Make agreements about your professional development. These may focus on further development in your current position or the next career step within or outside the University of Twente.

Current position (impact within your current position).

  • Training and development (individually and with the team)
  • English-language proficiency/cultural awareness
  • Mastery of the basics (systems and Office skills) 

Development within 3 to 5 years

  • Career discussion
  • Training and development


  • Make agreements on the competencies, attitude and behaviour required to carry out your position. Also determine what development is required.
  • Developments within the organization, the team or discipline. Take account of Vision 2020, the core values for internationalization, entrepreneurship, synergy-driven and social impact. Which new competencies must an employee acquire or which existing competencies require further development?


  • Discuss involvement and participation in consultative bodies.
  • Long-term employability: agreements in such areas as working part-time, combining work with private life, an individualized approach to effectively coordinate business hours and working time; gradually facilitating the transition to retirement by, for example, coordinating individual working hours, agreements on training and development relating to the discipline and/or position, coaching, careers advice/options for new directions, job rotation, etc.
  • Working conditions, work pressure and stress, health and safety aspects in the workplace.
  • Ancillary activities