At the UT, the annual performance appraisal is an important instrument in HR management. Apart from discussing the member of staff's development and achievements in the previous year, agreements for the upcoming year are also made. More information on the purpose of the annual performance appraisal and the topics included can be found in the annual performance appraisal leaflet.

The FJUT (Formulier Jaargesprekken Universiteit Twente) web application has been developed to provide members of staff with support before, during and after the annual performance appraisals. More information about the application can be found in the FJUT manual.

For guidance on how to hold the conversation about educational performance during the appraisals, a manual has been developed for managers: Assessing, acknowledging and developing educational performance. The manual includes an overview of all the relevant information available to better structure the conversation on education during the appraisal.