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Week of inspiration / Wanted: climate optimists!

Sometimes you lose all courage when you think about rising global temperatures. Will the world act fast enough? Or will we perish from floods, heat or famine? Maartje Bregman is a climate optimist, a greenfluencer who gives hope: even with small individual actions you can do something good together. On sustainability and climate, inequality and injustice. Her positive approach counterbalances the negative tenor of a sustainable life in which you have to deny yourself everything: you should not fly, skip meat, leave the car at home. With her enthusiastic performances and on social media, she emphasises precisely what you can do. In cooperation with Green Hub Twente and Scientist Rebellion.

Moderator: Dan Hartenberg (Green Hub Twente)

Room: Vrijhof/Agora

This program is in Dutch.


A. Heukels (Anneke)
Supporting Staff