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The power of Shell and other multinationals

Shell became big through oil and gas, processed or traded in 70 countries. In the book Hoog spel, de politieke biografie van Shell Marcel Metze describes the ways in which Shell operated during more than 130 years. Skilled in dealing with very different regimes, from democratic to dictatorial. Faced with corruption, war and terrorism, Shell always managed to survive. But does it still succeed today, now environmental and human rights activists state it is a wrong company? At the UT critics are demanding that the university breaks with Shell. Dr Marcel Metze gives a history of Shell's political ways and shortcuts. He is a renowned investigative journalist and editor-in-chief of The Investigative Desk. Dr Huub Ruel, specialised in Business Diplomacy/Corporate Governance & Ethics (UT) will discuss the role and influence of large companies in our world. How can society and government gain and maintain control? In cooperation with Green Hub Twente, KIVI Students Twente, Sirius and Scientist Rebellion.

Place: Vrijhof/Amphi


A. Heukels (Anneke)
Supporting Staff