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Science Cafe: Putting your best (robot) foot forward

For many people, walking is so natural that they don't give it a second thought: you just walk somewhere, don't you? But how normal is it really? And what if walking is not possible (any more)? Physiotherapist Dr Jurjen Bosga researches how your brain cooperates and opposes (walking) movement. Prof dr ir Herman van der Kooij (UT, Biomechatronics and Rehabilitation Technology) develops rehabilitation robots, bionic prosthetics and exoskeletons that support patients in walking. Talk show host: Linda Hiemstra BA (Saxion University of Applied Sciences). Be sure to step by this Science Café! In collaboration with KIVI Students Twente and Paradoks. This Science Café is in Dutch, click here.


A. Heukels (Anneke)
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