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New Paradigms in Engineering Education Farewell lecture as UCT-dean by prof Mieke Boon

Our world encounters ever more complex challenges. Society faces profound transformations. Wicked problems require trans- and interdisciplinary solutions in which academically trained engineers play a crucial role. How should we teach them to play this role responsibly in professional practices? As part of their professional profile, we expect them to use scientific knowledge and research effectively. Does the way we usually teach this equip them enough?

In her farewell lecture as UCT-dean, prof Mieke Boon will suggest two new paradigms to think differently about this role of scientific research in problem-solving contexts and what this would mean for engineering education. An example to illustrate, is a new minor program Intelligence, Creativity and Responsible Technological Innovations in Societal Transformations ICR&TIST, developed by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of teachers, educational researchers and philosophers.

This farewell lecture will form the closure of a symposium A philosophical outlook on an inter- and transdisciplinary learning environment – The case of UCT-ATLAS organized by UCT-ATLAS students. You can attend the symposium and farewell lecture on-site (UT-Campus Vrijhof Building) or online. For further information: Symposium Program and Subscription