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The future of Dutch science

Wim van Saarloos has written essays about the distinctive strengths of Dutch ‘polder science’ and about our university landscape. He increasingly sees the basis of our higher education and science system eroding, due to a number of compounding factors: the underinvestment of the Netherlands in science and the knowledge economy, the rise in number of students, the changing role of universities in society, and trends in our funding system. Van Saarloos will discuss these factors and share his ideas about how the tide can be turned. Prof. Dr. Wim van Saarloos is a theoretical physicist and former president of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie van Wetenschappen (KNAW). In cooperation with the Young Academy of the University of Twente (YA@UT), P-NUT and Ideefiks.

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A. Heukels (Anneke)
Supporting Staff