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Course Personal and Powerful advising


Advisors (at an academic and / or higher professional level) who want to professionally and vigorously shape their role as advisor, who want to increase the impact of their input and advice and want to be a powerful (r) sparring partner for clients and colleagues. This training primarily focuses on policy advisers, HR advisers and communication consultants.


After the training:
● Your insight into your position of advisor is tightened
● You have more insight and tools that increases the quality, acceptance and implementation of your advice
● You have strengthened your professional attitude and advising skills
● You know your own stronger or less developed sides better
● Your personal appearance and persuasiveness has increased
● You dare to confront and question others in a pleasant and powerful manner
● You know what managers and directors expect from you
● You are better able to manage the advisory relationship


1. Theoretical substantiation, through knowledge about:
● The core of effective advice
● Approach to an advisory process
● The consultant - advised
● The professional attitude and skills of adviser

2. Attention to everyone's persuasiveness as a consultant:
● Guts, persuasion and credibility: is that possible?
● Have confidence in your own expertise
● Dare to submit your vision or advice

3. Application to practical situations of participants via:
● Practice with interventions
● Putting daily practice in scene
● Practice with feedback
See for all information and the registration form this Course finder website.