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Fysica2020 - ONLINE

FYSICA 2020 was planned at University of Twente on Friday 17 April 2020. Regrettably, due to the corona virus, it is not possible to organise FYSICA at University of Twente at this date. 

The good news is that we are able to organise an online edition of FYSICA 2020 in Zoom. So please, make a reservation in your calendar on 17 April for the time slot 14.00-15.45 (Dutch time).

By a short questionnaire we found out that many people are interested in a short, online physics event. We are delighted that both Nobel Prize Laureate Didier Queloz as Physica Prize Laureate Martin van Hecke accepted our invitation to give an online talk. We are working on an online edition of the Young Speakers Contest as part of this event in Zoom.

Please, keep an eye on for the program and updates.


It is not possible to postpone FYSICA 2020 to another date in 2020, but in 2022 we’ll come back to Twente for a new, fantastic edition of FYSICA 2022. By the way, FYSICA 2021 has already been planned: at TU Delft at Friday April 16th. This will be a special event too, because we’ll celebrate the 100th birthday of the NNV.


Hope to meet you at the unique online edition of FYSICA at April 17th!