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Food & Cognition | The Online SME Café: Lifestyle changes | Session 3 (of 8)

Session 3 (of 8): Lifestyle changes

Living longer in good health: how do you do that? And does that also apply to good brain health? In this SME café session we talk with Edgar Schwandt from Salut. The Salut App connects data and feelings to help you structurally maintain a healthy lifestyle. Esther Aarts is a brain researcher at Radboud University and we ask her about the influence of lifestyle on brain health. We will also discuss a recently launched, major program on lifestyle change in Dutch elderly to prevent cognitive decline.

During each session, a scientist and SME will shine their light on a topic about nutrition, healthy lifestyle, brain and eating behavior. What can SMEs learn and use? We look for areas of tension, challenge participants to actively think about solutions and perhaps you will meet a new collaboration partner during the event to improve the eating experience or brain health of people with the help of technology?