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Opening Academic Year 2019-2020


The wing beat of a fragile and beautifully coloured butterfly may be the onset of a tornado elsewhere in the world. The Butterfly Effect describes minor disturbances causing huge consequences. What looks like a minor invention, may change the world in an unsuspected way. This all starts with bright and creative minds. They are the actual butterflies.

Our keynote speaker, Cees Links, is an alumnus and he truly is a butterfly like that. He knew that he found out something special. He spoke to Steve Jobs about it. Things started accelerating. Still, he couldn’t have guessed that today we can’t do without his invention.

As a university, we are the breeding place for bright ideas and minds that have the potential to initiate change. We have to cherish these butterflies, often still caterpillars waiting to pop out. Our students will be the ones initiating major changes in the future, so there is every reason to give them the floor as well. This year we are going to listen to our student electrical engineering Renee Meijer. 

Are you ready to spread out your wings yourself, and cause a storm by doing so? Then join us at the Opening of the Academic Year 2019-2020!