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Workshop: Be inspired by junk Elze van den Akker

In this workshop you can create whatever you like. The starting-point is not result but experiment.

Without any pressure you can build and make whatever pops up in your head. Which colours match? What happens when you sand the plastic? Or what happens when you heat it? And because we are making things from trash, it doesn’t matter if we fail at all. It was already trash. There is nothing wasted. Set your mind free!

Elze van den Akker, the teacher, will bring lots of different kinds of plastic but you are of course welcome to bring your own trash.

Registration starts at Monday 11 March 2019.


Pou-Belle Design presents: Waste in the Window

From Wednesday 20 March up Monday 22 April inclusive you can see  the art and design Elze makes out of trash at the expo Waste in the Window in the Spiegel building. 


Students with UnionCard€ 17,50
Employees University of Twente€ 17,50
Workshop: Be inspired by junk Elze van den Akker