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Studium Generale: Virtual Reality can make a better world

Virtual and Augmented Reality open up new worlds. The immersive world of VR computer games is a good example of this. VR & AR can also have practical applications: surgeons use AR-equipment during complicated surgery to look ‘through’ tissue. And did you know that a VR-goggle can help cure fear of heights? VR is even used to study the criminal mind. Curious? Come and see for yourself during our buffet-lectures on VR & AR.

Prof. dr. Jean-Louis van Gelder is Professor of Psychology (UT). His research focuses on a safer society. He is also interested in the implementation of VR improving people’s well-being. Van Gelder is co-founder of 0Phobia, a start-up in the field of eMental health that uses low-cost VR and mobile applications to develop evidence-based mental healthcare.

Koen Schobbers Bsc is an ex esports athlete operating under the name “Koenz”. He was among the world’s leading gamers in Trackmania. He also studied Medicine at the AMC Amsterdam and is nowadays focusing on gaming and esports education, consulting, and hosting on FOX-Sports and NOS Radio. He is interested in the application of VR & AR and Serious Gaming in de medical world.

Ing. Bart Kok en ing. Tim Moelard (The Virtual Dutch Men) create tailored VR solutions for various industries.

Besides these speakers, you will get the opportunity to experience an example of VR yourself!

Tuesday 19 March

Buffet: 17.30-18.30 hours

Lectures: 18.30-20.00 hours



If you want to join the buffet, please let us know via, before 12 March. Costs buffet: €5,- for students, others pay €10,-. Lectures are free of charge; no registration required.


In cooperation with KIVI, Ockham and Blueshell E-sports