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Studium Generale - Imaging a black hole Week of inspiration

Imaging a black hole 

Heino Falcke dives deep into the wondrous world of black holes and explains how he – together with his colleagues of the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration – managed to take the first official image of a black hole. As a camera they used eight radio telescopes spread around the world. How does this telescope as large as the Earth work? And what does the first real image of a black hole teach us about the physics at the mysterious event horizon? What are the next steps after this discovery? 

Prof. dr. Heino Falcke is professor in Astrophysics (Radboud University) and chair of the Science Council of the Event Horizon Telescope.

Moderator: prof. dr. Jennifer Herek, dean of TNW (UT)


In cooperation with Arago