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"Qredits" - NIKOS-PANTHER Autumn Talk by Vincent Stulen

Qredits – A Data-Driven High-Touch Approach to Microfinance

In his talk, Vincent Stulen will trace the origins and the digital evolution of Qredits, a Dutch microfinance foundation that is the only national program providing an alternative source of funding to small businesses.  

Qredits, from its inception, has banked on the intensive use of technology, all the while retaining the personal ‘high-touch’ character of microfinance where needed. Their unique vision, combined with consistent application of technology, has led Qredits to become one of the most innovative and forward-thinking microfinance organizations in Europe.

Vincent Stulen is head of the IT & Innovation department at Qredits, Microfinance in the Netherlands. With over 12 years all-round experience in the microfinance sector, he is the driving force behind the many innovations Qredits developed, including risk scorecards, e-learnings, MicroNET (CRM / MIS), reporting tools, several loan products and business development services. Vincent has a masters degree in Business Administration of the Twente University.

The Season Talks are an initiative of NIKOS and partners for a series of 4 interactive lectures per year. 
In this talk we partner with the European PANTHER Program.

"Qredits" - NIKOS-PANTHER Autumn Talk by Vincent Stulen