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U-Today Cartoons Luuk van Ewijk

Every other week Luuk van Ewijk, employee and former student from the University of Twente, presents on the U-Today website “a freshly cooked Campus cartoon. A plate full of tasty colours, flavoured with a pinch of humor, and served to satisfy your sateless hunger for procrastination”, according to the website.

From the flooded University Library to the new U Parkhotel and the car of the Solar Team Twente, everything is covered. You can also see the architecture on Campus in the cartoons of Luuk van Ewijk, of course with a big wink. 

All cartoons for U-Today made until October will be shown in this exhibition. Some will be printed on a larger size and will be shown elsewhere on the Campus later.

The opening in presence of Luuk van Ewijk will take place on Thursday 11 October, 4.30 PM.