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Boston Alumni Event

Boston Alumni Event

On Friday the 14th of July a special alumni event for alumni from Twente, the TU Delft, the TU/e and Wageningen University will take place in Boston from 18:00 till 20:00.

At this event UT researcher David Fernandez Rivas currently a visiting scientist at MIT will talk about his work in the area of ‘bubbles’.  For many scientists “bubble means trouble”; for example, in a clogged microfluidic channel, or covering the electrodes’ surface in solar-to-fuel devices. David’s experience is somewhat different and focuses on different types of bubbles created either with ultrasound, laser or electrochemically that when tamed, can be beneficial. In fact, bubbles made with ultrasound have led to the creation of his first spin-off company BuBclean (www.bubclean.nl), with plans to soon spin out another company based on a novel needle-free injection technology.

David, a UT alumnus (PhD’12) himself, obtained a Nuclear Engineering BSc and MSc from InSTEC in Havana, Cuba and is now an assistant professor (tenured) embedded in the Mesoscale Chemical Systems Group at the UT. During his talk, David will share how identifying his entrepreneurial potential was not a straightforward process. He hopes that after this event you too will believe that “a bubble is not always trouble”.

Following the presentation alumni will have time during a borrel to catch up with old friends as well as meet new contacts.

This event is free for alumni from the Dutch Technical Universities but for logistical purposes, prior registration is required via this online form.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to other alumni! 

Boston Alumni Event