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(c) Tom Putman

AKI expo II: Colluctari Esther te Brake, Kristel Geerts, Dide Hemmelder, Astrid Muijderman, Tom Putman, Joris Strouken and Björn Zielman

As a continuation of the collaboration with Vrijhof Culture students of the Art Academy AKI show what they do, what occupies them, what motivates them, both in content and visual. Their study of "life" during their education at the AKI. 

Seven young artists, some of them just graduated others still a student. They gave the exhibition the title: Colluctari, Latin for struggle. Does this involve a struggle of the process of turning what is in your head into understandable art? Or is it the struggle of existence? Or the struggle with the materials? All seven of them will give their own twist to the theme. 

Opening by Elvira van Eijl, in the presence of the exhibitors, on Thursday 8 September, 16:30 hrs.

Afterwards Sodexo's Vrijhof Culture dish is available in the Theatercafé.