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Studium Generale - The rhetoric of Clinton and Trump Prof.mr.dr. Hans de Bruijn

During the American presidential election a lot of mudslinging is going on. The meanest strategies are launched to eliminate the opponent. Donald Trump appears to be a master in framing; by using smart and very bold one-liners he manages to convince his audience. Which frames will Hillary Clinton use? At this Election Day Hans de Bruijn will expose rhetorical tricks of both candidates.

Tubantia reporter Ron Hemmink keeps us posted about the situation in the US.

zie hier het artikel uit de Tubantia.http://www.tubantia.nl/doe-mee/clinton-en-trump-debatteren-op-ut-1.6553531

Prof.mr.dr. Hans de Bruijn, professor Public Administration at the TU Delft, analyzes the language of politicians in his weekly column about framing for Trouw. He published the book Barack Obama en de kunst van de politieke toespraak.

During the break popcorn will be served. Thereafter, we will discuss the current political situation with members of the UT-community, amongst which student Frank Kwakkelaar and professor Ramses Wessel.