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Think tank event: Reconnecting the university to the region of Twente

Technology has become ubiquitous in contemporary society as a means of answering wider societal questions. Much of that technology originates in universities and increasing efforts are made to find ways to better connect universities to societal questions. In particular, the University of Twente claims to be a university aiming to embed societal aspects within its technological research.

We invite you to participate in a Think tank event, where we will collaboratively work towards sharpening our understanding of the issues. In a World Café setting, we will gather suggestions for concrete activities and highlight where additional research will be needed to improve the way the UT contributes to meeting societal needs.

The focus lies on two overarching questions:

  • How can universities meet societal expectations and desires regarding their contributions?
  • How can the university practically include societal needs in current and future research projects?

Results will be presented to the Board of the University of Twente.


Participants may register by sending an e-mail to the BMS-Cheps Secretariaat.



16:00 - 16:30

Doors open, coffee

16:30 - 18:30

Introduction and active sessions in World Café style

- Welcome and short introduction

- Short explanation of the world café format – Based on six key questions and six tables, the main themes are further elaborated on. Each of the participants will contribute to three out of the six available questions. For each table a moderator and a rapporteur are available.

- Round 1 to 3: Discussion of one question
(20 minutes +5 to change)

18:30 - 19:00

Discussion about the outcomes from the think-tank session with short response from the Board of the University.

Coffee, tea, fruit and warm snacks will be provided.

The Think tank event is a RUNINNUCLEUS and DesignLab collaboration.