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NASA Space Apps Challenge

This year, Space Society Twente is bringing NASA's Space Apps Challenge to the University of Twente in Enschede for the first time ever!

Join in the weekend of October 20-21 to participate in the largest space apps hackathon in the world, work on Earth and space-related multidisciplinary challenges and meet other space enthusiasts.

Whether you have a background in engineering, business or computer science, all are welcome to work on solutions to the world's biggest challenges. Solutions have often ranged from designing clothing for commercial spaceflight to the design of drones that work in zero gravity. Simply put, it's not just apps.

Present your solution, ideas, stories, product or business case after 24 hours for a chance to win local awards or continue to the international competition.

You will be supported by various space-related organizations, local businesses and veterans of the International Space Apps Challenge throughout the weekend.

For more information and registration: