Smart Citizens Lab: high groundwater levels

Can technology and big data help citizens and governments to tackle challenges such as problematic high groundwater levels?

By organizing Smart Citizens Labs, the City of Enschede, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the University of Twente are exploring new forms of citizens' participation. The workshop is part of the Smart Enschede programme in which the three organizations work together closely.

High groundwater levels

In this first Smart Citizens Lab, the challenge of high groundwater levels is being addressed. The city of Enschede has a long history in groundwater challenges, as the textile factories in the past had a large influence on the composition of the soil. Since the factories are not active anymore, groundwater levels have risen and are causing problems as basements and crawl spaces fill up with water. This is not only causing discomfort, but may well lead to other problems such as health issues.

Together, initial research will be done on which role data and information from both professionals and citizens can play a role in signaling problems and in developing an adequate approach.