CTIT symposium: Internet of Things is ready. What about us?

For years, the future has been described by examples of fridges talking to your milk cartons, cars driving autonomously and production lines delivering goods to your door, without any humans involved. Today, Amazon can deliver packets by drones, Tesla drives your car for you and your fridge is aware of its contents. Welcome to the future: It’s the Internet of Things, and it’s here to stay!

The technology behind Internet of Things (IoT) has reached maturity, but how about society? Are businesses ready for these new developments? How about the ethical and legal questions that arise from this new technology. But what about you? Does it scare you, do you think it won’t affect you, or do you see endless new possibilities?

In this symposium we offer a program covering the Internet of Things in all sizes and shapes, discussed from various angles by experts, scientists and end users.

The main highlights of the program:

  • IoT and science readiness: Prof. Gian Pietro Picco (University of Trento) is a leading expert in the field of IoT and wireless sensor networks.
  • IoT and business readiness: Kees Koolen (former CEO and Prof. Willem Jonker (CEO EIT Digital) will discuss if business is ready for the opportunities of IoT and what challenges lie ahead.
  • IoT and legal, ethical, and societal readiness. Ton Siedsma (Bits of Freedom) will discuss trustworthiness, accountability and societal adaptation of IoT from a societal point of view.
  • A public debate with experts, general public and secondary school students as the next generation of end users, will discuss IoT and its role in the future.
  • 1 minute madness. Enjoy the whirlwind of 1 minute pitches from top junior researchers.


Do you want to experience this day full of discussions, debates, public voting, interactive lunch and dinner with live music, register at: