Theo Henckens MESA+ Advanced materials colloquium

Colloquium, Raw Materials Sustainability, by Dr. Theo Henckens

Date : Thursday November 16th 2017

Time : 14:00 coffee and tea, 14:15 start colloquium 

Location : Zuidhorst 286

Hosted by Prof. Dr. Fred Bijkerk (The Industrial Focus Group XUV Optics /TNW). 

Theo Henckens (1948) studied Chemical Technology at Eindhoven Technical University.After a career with respectively DHV (as designer of waste water treatment plants and project leader of environmental policy projects), the Ministry of the Environment (at the Environmental Inspectorate) and again DHV (international project director for water and environment consultancy projects), he obtained his doctorate on the subject “Managing Raw Materials Scarcity” at the University of Utrecht on October 17th, 2016. 

Abstract              :              Raw Materials Sustainability

Safeguarding mineral resources for future generations 

Mineral resources are the physical foundation of society. Without mineral resources there would be wealth nor progress. From the beginning of the 20th century the use of mineral resources increases faster than ever before.

He will elaborate on the following issues:

  • Will the earth be able to keep on providing future generations of sufficient mineral resources, seen the growing world population in combination with a growing GDP per world citizen?
  • Are all mineral resources equally scarce?
  • What is a sustainable extraction rate?
  • Are sustainable extraction rates feasible?
  • What could be the role of the price mechanism?
  • What are suitable policy approaches to achieve sustainable extraction rates?
  • What can material scientists do?